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Washing and Iron Phosphate Coating

For the ultimate weathering performance and surface finish, all metalwork needs to be absolutely & clinically spotless.

Our huge automated cleaning units not only wash and degrease all metalwork, they then Iron Phosphate coat all surfaces which greatly aids adhesion and more than doubles the corrosion resistance of the powder coat alone.

Iron phosphate pretreatment

Phosphating or conversion coating

The process combines an acid solution with iron phosphates that reacts with the metal creating a surface that is bonded to the base metal, increasing the surface area, improving corrosion resistance and creates a better adhesion for powder coating.

This treatment is normally performed in a multi chamber  unit, we have taken this much further and not only have a very large wash area, it is also joined to our rail system which ensures minimal contamination and damage to metals.

You'll never hear us say "it'll be next week" "it's not ready till tomorrow" "it's going to be delayed" Our promise is to deliver on time every time

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