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Steel-Grit Shot Blasting

The Best Finishes start with the Best Preparation.

Our bespoke shot blasting facility is big enough to cope with almost any size of project. Utilising G-17 steel grit ensures a perfect & consistent preparation across all materials. It is the ideal surface prior to zinc & powder coating and ensures the best adherence and longest life for the final finished product. 

G17 steel grit

Far superior to sandblasting

With a hardness rating of 57+ Rockwell, our shot blasting methods ensure that all contaminants are removed to create a perfectly prepared surface without untreated patches but with a good keying surface for coatings.

We have multiple shot-blasting bays available, ensuring a massive throughput and no bottlenecks. These bays are telescopic and can cope with almost any size of job.

bare metal Shot blasted metal

You'll never hear us say "it'll be next week" "it's not ready till tomorrow" "it's going to be delayed"  Our promise is to deliver on time every time

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