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Hot Zinc Spraying

The New Answer to Hot Dip Galvanising

The advantages over traditional galvanising are massive.

No heat distortion

No damage to welds

No dripping on meshes and intricate metal work

And better still, no post preparation work means huge savings on time and money!

Hot zinc v galvanising

What makes hot zinc the ultimate choice for corrosion prevention?

Once your metalwork has been shot blasted it is very clean, yet very susceptible to corrosion. The freshly prepared clean surface although contaminant free, creates the perfect environment for rust to take hold, this is why we use the hot zinc spray process to coat and protect the metal against corrosion.

With each pass we spray 50 microns of molten vaporised zinc onto the surface. This level of accuracy creates a very even surface that’s perfect for powder coating due to it retaining an abrasive finish (unlike galvanising that needs to go through another process in order for coatings to adhere properly). It creates a strong and long lasting corrosion protection whilst also being able to coat and protect even the smallest most delicate parts.

The process is very reliable compared to galvanising, where your metal is heated to almost melting point, which can cause issues such as deformation and cracking of welds – with hot zinc spraying you get all of the protective benefit, without any of the hot-dip issues.

Hot dip galvanised Hot zinc spray

You'll never hear us say "it'll be next week" "it's not ready till tomorrow" "it's going to be delayed" Our promise is to deliver on time every time

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