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Kent & London's High Quality Powder Coating Specialists
SA3 - Shot Blasting
for Perfect Pretreatment
Hot Zinc Spraying
to BS EN 22063:1994 Standards
Degreasing & Degassing
ensures a perfect blemish free finish
Finished to Perfection
The finish we achieve is not only beautiful but also very hard wearing which enhances any product
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Medway Coatings Powder Coating in Kent & London

Setting new standards in Powder Coating for Quality and Service

Our 5 Step Powder Coating Process

Step 1 | Powder Coating: Steel-Grit Shot Blasting:

The Best Finishes start with the Best Preparation.

Our bespoke shot blasting facility is big enough to cope with almost any size of project. Utilising G-17 steel grit ensures a perfect & consistent preparation across all materials. It is the ideal surface prior to zinc & powder coating and ensures the best adherence and longest life for the final finished product.

Step 2 | Powder Coating: Hot Zinc Spraying:

The New Answer to Hot Dip Galvanising

The advantages over traditional galvanising are massive.

No heat distortion

No damage to welds

No dripping on meshes and intricate metal work

And better still, no post preparation work means huge savings on time and money!

Step 3 | Powder Coating: Washing and Iron Phosphate Coating:

For the ultimate weathering performance and surface finish, all metalwork needs to be absolutely & clinically spotless.

Our huge automated cleaning units not only wash and degrease all metalwork, they then Iron Phosphate coat all surfaces which greatly aids adhesion and more than doubles the corrosion resistance of the powder coat alone.

Step 4 | Powder Coating: Drying & Degassing:

Our final pre-powder coating process is thoroughly drying and degassing.

This is a stage often missed by many metal finishers, but is crucial if a perfect powder coated finish is required. All moisture and trapped gasses are removed from your precious metalwork, there is no better process for ensuring the ultimate powder coated finish

Step 5 | Powder Coating : Colours:

We offer a huge range of RAL matched powder coating colours, available in matt, gloss, satin or even metallic and textured finishes.

Our highly skilled and industry qualified spray team can apply your powder coating to a specified thickness, ensuring we stay within your customers mechanical tolerances.

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We have built our facility with a NO COMPROMISE approach.

We honestly believe there is NO BETTER powder coating facility available in the area.

If your customers demand the best possible finish delivered on time every time, trust Medway Coatings to uphold your hard earned reputation.

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